Classes 1 9

"Molemmat lapseni käyvät Englantilaista koulua, missä he ovat saaneet kansainvälisen koulutuksen ja täydellisen Englannin kielitaidon. Lisänä mainitsisin tämän koulun hyvät tavat! Syödään haarukalla ja veitsellä, juhlapäivinä pukeudutaan asian mukaisesti ja osataan hullutellakin tarvittaessa." (Mother of Seventh Grader and High School Student)

Admission to Classes 1-9

Application into any grade may be registered at any time. Registration fee is 20€.

Applications will be processed immediately. If there are openings on the grade applied for, you will be contacted by the school administration. The applicant will be given an interview and an entrance test comprising of English, Mathematics and Finnish. If there is more than one applicant, all the applicants will be invited for the entrance test. Waiting list for each grade will be formed according to the results of the tests. The waiting list will only be valid for that particular grade. If the school cannot offer the applicant a student place that particular year parents may request to stay on the applicant register for another academic year.

Please note that knowledge of Finnish language is expected from children applying for Grade 4 and upwards but each case will be evaluated individually.

The test fee is 60 euros.

Grade 1

The pupils of Grade 1 are selected mainly from The English School’s Preschool. Few openings usually remain unfilled. If there are openings, a testing event will be organized in early Spring 2017 for children who are on the applicant register. The applicant’s English language skills must be such that they are able to study the Elementary School Curriculum in English.
Applications for Grade 1 should be registered by January 20th 2017.

If there are no openings and you wish your child’s name to remain in the applicant register, you must reconfirm your registration annually in writing to The English School with the following information:
Date of Birth
Message: Confirmation of registration

Failure to reconfirm registration annually will result in the automatic withdrawal of your child’s name from the applicant register.

How to apply?