International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

The English School can offer its students an opportunity to take the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. The IGCSE examinations have been designed for 1416 year olds and are largely seen as the forerunner to and preparation for the A and AS Level study, International Baccalaureate, and US Advanced Placement courses.

Cambridge IGCSE is recognized as evidence of ability by academic institutions and employers around the world. In some countries, IGCSE qualifications will satisfy the entry requirements for university.

The subjects in which The English School has a CIE validated program are the following:

Subject: IGCSE syllabus code:
First language English 500
English as a Second language 510
French 520
German 525
History 470
Mathematics 580
Biology 610
Chemistry 620
Physics 625
Art and Design 400
Music 410

In these subjects the syllabus required for the international examination will in most parts be studied within the school's own curriculum by the end of Grade 9. Since we study according to the Finnish national curriculum at The English School, nothing from the Finnish curriculum will be sacrificed in order for the IGCSE to be taught.

The student may take the exam in only one of the above subjects or in several subjects. The exam in each subject consists of 2 - 4 different components /papers. To complete the exam in one subject the student needs to take all components mentioned on the exam schedule. In the elective subjects the students can sign up for the exams if they have completed/will be completing the required syllabus (B2 French/German in classes 8-9, Art/Music through classes 7-9).

The exams will take place during May and early June. If the syllabus includes coursework (Art and Design, Music), this must be completed by the end of April.

Grading is on an eight-point scale (A*G)
Grade C in IGCSE English (both First Language and Second Language) satisfies the English proficiency requirements of many universities in the UK and other English speaking countries.

Cambridge ICE is the group award of the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. Candidates hoping to obtain the ICE must sit at least seven subjects selected from the following five IGCSE curriculum areas.

Group I: Languages (English 0500 or 0510, French 0520, German 0525)
Group II: Humanities and Social Sciences (History 0470)
Group III: Sciences (Biology 0610, Chemistry 0620, Physics 0625)
Group IV: Mathematics (0580)
Group V: Creative, Technical and Vocational (Art and Design 0400, Music 0410)

The subjects selected must include two (different) languages from Group I and one subject from each of Groups II, III, IV and V. The seventh subject can be taken from any of the five subject groups.

If you wish to find more details about the Cambridge International Examinations, try http://www.cie.org.uk and follow the links for IGCSE.

Alternatively you can contact the The English School's IGCSE coordinator Riitta Pajuniemi by email or through Wilma.