Classes 1 9


The Curriculum

The English School has a long tradition of academic excellence. The school's challenging but rewarding program of studies makes great demands on students in all their subjects, but in particular in Finnish and English. With the exception of these two subjects, the school's curriculum follows the national one.

Classes 1-6

Students are encouraged to develop their self-confidence and social skills. Learning to take responsibility for one's learning, work and actions is one of the objectives set out in our curriculum. In addition to the core subjects, the school offers language club in German, special projects, choirs, woodworking clubs and other extracurricular subjects as the need arises. In the spring of each year, Class 4 spends a rewarding few days at camp and Class 6 travels to England for a week to tour important sights and experience life in an English-speaking country before they move on to middle school.

Classes 7-9

The objective of the curriculum at this level is to teach young people to think, read, write and speak clearly. An independent and responsible attitude to work is fostered. While mastering the content of each subject is valued, learning good study skills is even more important. Attention to high work morale, good manners, citizenship skills and study techniques provides students with a solid base for later studies and for life.

For Finnish students, The English School provides a strong program in their mother tongue, while those students who are English-speaking or whose mother tongue is another language can study Finnish as a second language and deepen their understanding of Finland through a course on Finnish culture and history taught in English. Courses in mathematics and sciences are also offered above the national requirement while the language program includes Swedish (compulsory for Finns), French and German.

Students can also develop their special talents in music, art and information technology through optional courses.

Annual events and celebrations, of which the annual Christmas party held for Kauniala war invalids deserves special mention, acquaint students with the school's Finnish and Anglo-Saxon traditions.