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Middle School Reading Diploma

The purpose of the middle school reading diploma reading lists is to give you suggestions for quality materials that will develop your literacy skills. Everyone is encouraged to read or view something from the list to develop your general knowledge and skills. Students who are especially motivated by the list will be rewarded by a reading diploma at the end of ninth grade.

To earn a reading diploma for middle school, you should read 10 books in English and 10 books in Finnish; in both languages, the 10 books should represent at least 8 of the categories listed. In addition, you should choose 5 non-books: magazines and films.

Because ninth graders only have one year to complete the reading diploma, they will earn a reading diploma with 5 books in English, 5 books in Finnish, and 3 non-books.
For each book, magazine, or film, you will complete one assignment from the appropriate list. The assignment should be handed in to Anne or Laura.

Assignments may be handed in at any time before the first of May. Each assignment should be labeled with your name, your class, the date, the author and title of the work you are working with, and the  number of the assignment you have completed.
If you are interested in a book, magazine, or film, which you think fits but is not on the list, ask Anne or Laura.