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"Jo pelkästään koulun olemus oli ihan erilainen kuin mikään muu koulu, jossa olimme käyneet. Ja tyttäreni ihastui siihen, että saa käyttää englantia jokapäiväisessä puheessa. Se motivoi ihan toisella tavalla." (Mother of High School
Student )


Admission to High School

The first year High School students (born 2000 or 2001) are selected through the national joint application, the "yhteishaku", and each applicant also takes The English School entrance exam in May (2.-9.5.). The application must be done at www.opintopolku.fi and the application time is 21.2. – 14.3.2017. Each applicant should also send us the English School "Additional Application form" by the end of March, 2017. The form can be found in our school's website, www.engs.fi.
Admission to The English School is based on academic merit, with special consideration given to applicants with excellent English language skills. Please note that a basic command of the Finnish Language is needed, and students need to be motivated to improve their Finnish. This is because some of the courses are studied in Finnish, and the students will take the Finnish Matriculation Examinations as their final examinations. In the entrance exam we will give you a written test in the English (max. 2,5 points) and Finnish or Finnish as a second language (max. 2,5 points), and you will be interviewed, too (max. 5 points). The lowest acceptable score on the entrance exam is 6,00. Your score in the entrance exam will be added to your average of the study subjects in your final report card.

Admission from Abroad

Students applying from abroad also need to participate in the national joint application in order to have themselves listed on the official selection list. The application time is 21.2.-14.3.2017 and the form can be found at www.opintopolku.fi during the application time (at the moment only in Finnish or in Swedish).
Each applicant also takes The English School entrance exam in May. Normally the school counselor or other school official in your present school would give this exam.  In the event that your school is unable to serve in this capacity, we suggest that you contact the Finnish Embassy consulate closest to you to arrange a test time, venue, and proctor.
NOTE! If you are interested in transferring to our school during the school year or applying to the second or third year of high school, please contact the High School Principal Seija Nyholm.

How to apply?

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More information:

Guidance Counselor Seija Kiiskinen (seija.kiiskinen@engs.fi) and Assistant Principal Seija Nyholm (seija.nyholm@engs.fi)

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