Englantilaisen koulun lukion oppilaiksi hyväksytyt opiskelijat

School days and Vacations 2017–2018

Mäntytie Office (Mon-Fri):
Open 5.-22.6.2017 at 9.00-14.00
(21.6.2017 open at 12.30-14.00)
Closed 23.6.-16.7.2017
Open 17.-28.7.2017 at 9.00-14.00

Valimotie Office (Mon-Fri):
Closed 5.-11.6.2017
Open 12.-22.6.2017 at 9.00-14.00
(closed 21.6.2017)
Closed 23.6.-30.7.2017



Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are 673€ for an academic year. The fee structure is the same for all grades.
Administration fee of 50€ is payable when a new students is enrolled to the school.
Note! As a private school, The English School does not provide HSL bus tickets for the students.

Entrance test fees

Preschool 1 test fee is 100€
Preschool 2 fee is 20€
Grades 1-9 test fee is 60€