Opening hours

Mäntytie Room 112:

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8 am. to 2 pm.

Valimotie Room 213:

Monday and Tuesday from 9 am. to 3 pm.

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The English School Library

The students are welcome to visit the library during opening hours to borrow books, study, use the computers, and read books and magazines.


The library's book collections consist of fiction and nonfiction for children and teenagers. The fiction collection is divided into English and Finnish sections.
The library welcomes suggestions for new books and magazines from teachers and students.

Online access to the library collections is available within the school's network:

The library database in English

Kirjastotietokanta suomeksi

You will find the most recent titles here

Note that the database is incomplete regarding MS and HS nonfiction.


Students may borrow books for a period of 14 (ES) or 28 (MS and HS) days. If the loans are not reserved, they can be renewed in the library. In the absence of the librarian, the pupils are asked to fill in a paper form in order to check out books from the MS-HS library. A lost or damaged book must be compensated for by paying a fee.

The Library Card

Students need a library card to check out books with the lending machine at the ES library. The library card will be applied for via a special form that will be returned to the library.

Behaviour in the library

Special opening hours will be informed on the library door.