“We like the school because it has a homey feeling. Children enjoy going to school and would like to stay there even after school, after Christmas and spring celebrations, and they want to help out at the school bazaars! It is amazing how the students know each other even though they are in different grades. They play together and the older children look after the younger ones. We highly appreciate that the school maintains some of the traditions that are not typically Finnish but derive from the commonwealth countries as it keeps up the cultural values for those children who come from different backgrounds and teaches Finnish children about the variety of traditions.” (Mother of Preschooler)

Preschool Admissions

To start the process you are requested to fill in a registration form for your child. If this is not the year your child is eligible for admission to the Preschool, you are required to confirm your registration with an informal letter to us on yearly basis until your child is eligible.

In the beginning of the year of your child’s fifth birthday, you will receive a letter inviting your child to the Preschool 1 aptitude test. You will also receive information about the test dates, fees and other details.

No English skills are required when applying to Preschool 1.

You can also apply for future openings after the application period by registering your child to the queue.

The aptitude test will be held at the Preschool premises of the English School which are located at Mäntytie 14. Test fee for Preschool 1 is 100€ and test fee for Preschool 2 is 20€.
There are currently openings for 50 children in The English School Preschool program.
If the tests indicate that the child can succeed at The English School , the family will receive an official letter of Acceptance. The family can then accept or decline the invitation.

It is important to remember that as there are many factors involved in testing children, the inability to pass the above-mentioned test does not mean that your child is not linguistically inclined.

The next testing events for children born in 2012 will take place in March 2017. Last day to register for the next testing events is Friday, February 17th 2017

How to apply?