Here at TES, the two-year Preschool Program for 5 and 6 year olds reflects the belief that learning is engaging when we're all having fun.

We believe that a successful classroom is a room full of children growing in an exciting, creative and nurturing environment. Classroom activities provide children continual opportunities to develop English language and social skills, allowing them to learn and play successfully within a cooperative group setting. Feeling comfortable and confident is an important part of our Preschool curriculum.

There are two groups, one half-time morning group and one half-time afternoon group. Each group is taught by a native English teacher/ teacher with the equivalence of a native speaker.

Parents are warmly welcomed into the Preschool Community as partners with the teachers. Conversations and other contact are frequent, and parents are invited into the classroom to share their special talents, interests and hobbies with the children.

The English School Preschool offers a total-immersion English language preschool program, providing a developmentally appropriate core curriculum based on the Finnish national curriculum. The program is the perfect preparation for entry into The English School Elementary program.